SPISim offers the following SI/PI simulation and modeling tools:

Pre-package suites:

  • Modeling Suite… MPro+: Our most popular products. It enables IBIS and IBIS-AMI model generation and general modeling capabilities. Comparable offerings by other vendors costs two to three times more.
  • Analysis Suite… VPro+: SI, tr0, snp, ibis viewer, S-parameter analysis and compliance checking, Transmission line modeling and analysis all in one suite.
  • ChannelSim Suite…CPro+:  Time, frequency domain, statistical and bit-by-bit mode channel simulation using system devices such as IBIS, AMI, transmission line, S-parameters and other generic spice elements.
  • Complete  Suite… SPISimPro: Our flag ship product for SPISim’s complete SI/PI analysis capabilities, includes all the modules plus unlimited SSolver simulation within SPISimPro frontend;
  • Free suite…SPISimLite: Free SI, tr0, snp, ibis viewer and analysis tool. SSolver simulation up to six system devices. SPISimLite is complementary  with support provided to licensed customers.

Add-on modules: The following modules include all the SI/PI/simulation/modeling offerings from SPISim. Individual modules may be activated independently to enable specific capabilities.

  • SPro: “Best-in class” S-Parameter analysis/processing tool;
  • BPro: “Best-in class” IBIS model generation and analysis tool;
  • TPro“Best-in class”  Transmission line analysis/processing tool;
  • NPro: Post-layout viewer with net extraction tool.
  • CPro: Channel builder for pre/post layout analysis.
  • VPro: A versatile yet powerful waveform viewer and analysis tool;
  • MPro: A comprehensive DOE/RSM/NNet and modeling tool;
  • XPro: What-if and de-coupling capacitor impact analysis;
  • DPro: DDR memory analysis/processing tool.
  • AMI: SPISim’s AMI model driver, spec. model generation and link analysis
  • SSolver: Spice simulator and s-parameter extraction.

For contracted project and group purchase, these existing capabilities may be further customized to meet your organization’s need.