VPro: Waveform viewer

VPro: SPISim’s waveform viewer…V” for “Viewing”

Application Scopes:

  • For general purpose simulation waveform viewing, measurement and analysis;
  • For spectrum analysis (FFT/iFFT), eye diagram generation and waveform calculation;
  • For various signal generation and save as Spice’s PWL source w/ included signal generator module.

Key Features:

  • Embedded file explorer/project explorer to explore and view waveform;
  • Support input/output formats:
    • .csv, .plt by excel/table or x-plot;
    • .tr*, .ac*, .chi, .split/.spo by HSpice or iSpice;
    • .ibs model (IV/VT/Current table data) up to Spec. V5.1;
    • .swx by Mentor Graphics;
    • .raw by Spice, NgSpice or LTSpice;
    • .cur by Sigrity;
    • .rlc, .tab transmission line model;
    • .citi, .ts/snp s-parameter model.
  • Plot waveform in multi-pane, multi-page or multi-tab, linear or log. Allowing zoom, pan or cross-hair;
  • >20 measurement functions for peak-to-peak, edge/peak/valley detection and averaging etc;
  • ~20 waveform functions for integration/derivative/resampling/truncation/scaling, spectrum analysis and  eye diagram;
  • ~20 markers available for dx/dy/dx-dy/annotation/arrow lines etc;
  • Waveform calculator to compute or batch process one or more set of waveforms;
  • ~10 signal generator functions like square, triangle, gaussian and save to PWL spice source format;
  • ~15 windowing functions like Gaussian, Hann, Hamming etc for FD data;

Module overview: Further details on VPro’s capabilities are available [HERE].

Overview slides: View externally [HERE]

Video demo: View externally [HERE]

System Requirements:

  • Windows, Linux or OSX

Product Info