Modeling Suite: MPro+

Modeling Suite: SPISim’s general, IBIS and AMI modeling capabilities package.

Application Scopes:

  • For IBIS V3.2 ~ V5.1 modeling, analysis and reporting;
  • For single ended, true differential and series elements modeling;
  • For IBIS-AMI related validation and spec/datasheet based modeling;
    • Complete set of Tx (FFE), Rx (CTLE, DFE/CDR, VGA) etc modules built-in
  • For DOE/RSM/ANN etc analysis flow, modeling and optimization;

Key Features:

  • The following modules’ capabilities can be activated, click to see more details:
    1. MPro: RSM/ANN/Genetic Algorithm modeling and optimization
    2. BPro: IBIS modeling, analysis and reporting
    3. AMI: SPISim’s IBIS-AMI flows and spec. based modeling

System Requirements:

  • Windows, Linux or OSX

Modeling suite overview slides:  [Download]