AMI: SPISim’s IBIS-AMI validation and analysis flows integrated with BPro & XPro, with free to use tool sets for economic yet efficient AMI modeling.

Application Scopes:

  • Drive SPIPro generated, or user’s existing IBIS-AMI models with either built-in response or user provided response
  • Generate spec./datasheet based, cross-platform IBIS-AMI models supporting different combinations of FFE, CTLE, DFE, CDR blocks.
  • Parameter or existing AMI models based what-if analysis to explore link performance
  • Include the following free to download, free to use tools which will not expire:
    • [SPISimAMI.exe], for AMI model testing, development and publishing.
    • [SPISimProxy.dll], interface model enabling AMI development using matlab, python, perl or other scripts without C/C++ coding and compilation.

Key Features:

  • Include cross-platform (Win32, Win64 and Linux 64) AMI drivers. Can run either standalone or via SPIPro GUI to test drive IBIS-AMI models
    • Has built-in rise, fall and pulse response data
    • Can  use user provided channel response data in tr0, csv or raw format
    • AMI_Init and/or AMI_GetWave output saved to csv and raw format
    • Raw format waveform can be viewed in place with SPIPro/SPILite
    • Command line version is free to download and use. Can also be used as model driver for IBIS-AMI modeling development.
    • Very useful for exchanging data and debugging AMI models between model publisher and users. No need to acquire 3rd party EDA tools on both sides.
  • Spec./datasheet based IBIS-AMI model generation with several mouse clicks
    • Generated cross-plastform IBIS AMI models directly from the SPIPro
    • User specify FFE, CTLE, DFE, CDR etc blocks to be used and their parameters
    • Models are pre-built, parameters can be locked. Further modeling service is also available
  • What-if analysis for link analysis, AMI model generation and AMI validation
    • Adjust module parameters to explore link performance and eyes
      • Calculate channel BER based on pulse response
    • Generate associated IBIS-AMI models with one click
    • Use user’s Tx and Rx AMI models to perform link analysis without using 3rd party simulator or EDA tools.
  • Features for free tools, SPISimAMI and SPISimProxy, are listed on their own product pages.

Module overview: More about on SPISimAMI’s design concepts are available [HERE]

Overview slides: View externally:[HERE]

Modeling flow slides: View externally:[HERE]

SPISimAMI: Command-line AMI driver:

SPISimProxy: Generic interface AMI model:

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System Requirements:

  • Windows 32, Windows 64 or Linux 64