XPro: What-if Analysis


XPro: SPISim’s what-if analysis tool… “X” for “eXperiment” (what-if)

Application Scopes:

  • Explore solution space by adjusting design parameters and then generate models.
    • Supporting IBIS, trace (layer stackup) and Via equivalent models.
    • General schematic what-if integrated with SPICPro module.
  • Explore different decoupling capacitor configurations and see self-impedance etc;
  • Multi-stage Link analysis to explore performance, generate spec. AMI models;
  • Manage sweep simulation data via and explore linearly.

Key features:

  • Sliders based what-if analysis to adjust model parameters, simulate and see responses within seconds;
    • For IBIS: can adjust driver parameters (slew rate, impedance, voltage etc), adjust delay and impedance or s-parameter for interconnects and receiver/terminator properties for receivers;
    • For Via: adjust either structure parameters (Anti-pad, barrel etc) or equivalent PI model and explore s-parameter performance;
    • For T-Line: adjust stackup, material or trace properties and see performance either via models from database or through coupled time-domain simulation.
    • Generate models after deciding parameters.
  • Configurations for decoupling cap analysis:
    • Take package s-parameters and decoupling cap models in spice format;
    • Support multiple configuration for different cap arrangement;
    • Inspect layout constraints, loop inductance hot-zones, self impedance and current contributions from caps to decide depop strategy.
  • SERDES link analysis:
    • User provide channel’s pulse or impulse response
      • View channel’s BER with one click
    • Specify TX FFE tap and settings, CTLE response and DFE/CDR settings
    • Perform NLTV link analysis (bit-by-bit) and view resulting waveform and eye
    • Generate spec. (datasheet) IBIS-AMI models with current settings instantly.
  • Generic slider based circuit what-if and sweep data management:
    • Select result waveform column, then use table to sort, see results and identify solution.

Module overview: Further details on XPro’s design concepts and capabilities are available [HERE].

Overview slides: View externally [HERE]

Video teaser (Silent): View externally: [HERE]

System Requirements:

  • Windows, Linux