CPro: Channel builder


CPro: SPISim’s schematic editor for SI/PI… “C” for “Channel”

Application Scopes:

  • Free form schematic editor with system level focus (IBIS, TLine etc)
  • To review/analysis net extracted from post-layout;
  • For what-if analysis either interactively or with parameter sweeps;
  • Integrate with SPISim’s modules as top-level design cockpits for various modeling (e.g. IBIS, Stackup, T-Line and SParam) performance or quality analysis.

Key Features:

  • Schematic editor to build channel from scratch or on-top of existing design;
    • Free form editing or from net(s) extracted from post-layout design in NPro
    • Hierarchical data structure or data navigation (multi-level subckt)
    • System level focused modeling: IBIS with various bit patterns and TLine with simple T-element, W-element or stackup based model generation with HSpice
    • Cross-probe with extracted nets from post-layout via NPro
  • Seamless integration for device modeling needs:
    • IBIS inspector for IBIS management, generate spec-model if needed;
    • S-parameter analysis for via, connectors or package models
    • Transmission line analysis or predictor for tabular models
    • PCB/Package stackup and pad-stack management.
  • Netlisting as spice output to simulate interactively or parameter sweep
    • Support HSpice or other spice-compatible simulators
    • Full factorial, space filling or other what-if simulation plan
    • simulate interactively, in batch mode or spice files only for external simulation ;
  • For design review with revision control.

MPro: Modeling and Optimization Tool | SPISim: EDA for Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and Circuit Simulation

Module overview: Further details on CPro’s capabilities are available [HERE].

Overview slides: View externally:[HERE]

Video demo: View externally:[HERE]

System Requirements:

  • Windows, Linux or OSX