DPro: DDR analysis

DPro: SPISim’s DDR analysis tool…D” for “DDR memory”

Application Scopes:

  • For DDR spec.-compliant SI and timing analysis;
  • For batch DDR simulation results processing;
  • For comprehensive slew rate measurement with automatic de-rating table calculation.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated tab to setup, process and cross-validate simulated DDR results:
    • Process all data formats supported by VPro module;
    • Support DQ/DQS in read/write mode, Cmd/Ctrl and Clock signals.
  • Batch processing one or more data files and report result ins csv format:
    • 70+ JEDEC compliant SI and timing/slew rate measurement functions;
    • Spec. and built-in derating tables can be customized, imported or exported.
  • Waveform cross validation:
    • Click on processed result table cell, waveform time-point where the measurement occured (e.g. max/min flight time) will be zoomed and displayed;
    • This allows quick cross-check of the processed results v.s. input waveforms.

Video demo: View externally:[HERE]


System Requirements:

  • DPro is an add-on module for VPro. (VPro installation/activation is required).
  • Windows, Linux or OSX

Product Info

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