TPro: T-Line analysis

TPro: SPISim’s Transmission line tool…T” for “Transmission line”

Application Scopes:

  • For T-Line waveform/data viewing and measurement in different format or plots;
  • For batch T-Line model processing/reporting for various impedance, speeds or coupling coefficients etc;
  • For stack-up planning, generation, modeling and analysis.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated/enhanced waveform viewer targed for transmission line models:
    • Compute and view FD waveform impedance, speed, crosstalk values of given models instantly;
    • Y-axis format in complex/mag/dB etc, X-axis in linear or logarithmic scale;
    • All VPro’s measurement/marking/processing/waveform calculation can be applied;
    • Waveform view or data view in matrix format with editing cabilities.
  • Support transmission line model formats:
    • .rlc, .tab  transmission line model.
  • Support HSpice based 2D field solver;
  • Batch processing one or more data files to report result in csv format:
    • Victim properties min/max single-ended/differential-pair speed or impedances etc.
    • Trace properties such as R/L/G/C matrix, impedance, coupling coefficients or losses etc at the specified frequency.
  • Stack-up planner and generators:
    • >10 preset and customizable stackup configurations. Number of traces and their layout are also customizable;
    • Table based data used to generate stackup model inputs for field solvers (HSpice);
    • Powerful what-if analysis to test victim impedances under various stackup/layout conditions;
    • Settings can be exported/imported for design documentation.

Module overview: Further details on TPro’s capabilities are available [HERE]

Overview slides: View externally [HERE]

Video demo: View externally [HERE]

System Requirements:

  • TPro is an add-on module for VPro. VPro installation/activation is required.
  • Windows, Linux or OSX

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