ChannelSim Suite: CPro+

ChannelSim Suite: SPISim’s channel simulation capabilities w/ IBIS-AMI support.
Application Scopes:

  • For general purpose channel statistical or bit-by-bit simulation using IBIS, IBIS-AMI, transmission lines, S-Params and generic spice devices.
  • For general purpose channel TD/FD simulation or simulation based S-parameter extractions;
  • For quick IBIS, AMI, channel, via etc model generation for channel analysis;
  • For quick channel component model inspection and analysis;
  • For optimizing package s-parameter’s capacitors arrangement for power integrity consideration.

Key Features:

  • The following modules’ capabilities may be activated, click to see more details:
    1. CPro: Intuitive schematic channel builder, inspector and simulator
    2. XPro: What-if channel component modeling
    3. SSolver: General (modified nodal analysis based) Spice simulator
  • The following modules’ capabilities are partially included:
    • VPro: Simulation waveform viewer
    • SPro: S-parameter viewer
    • TPro: Wizard based transmission line/channel model builder
    • BPro: Wizard based IBIS and AMI model builder
      • AMI flow and perpetual model license may be activated separately
    • MPro: For sweep plan generation (DOE, full factorial etc)
  • All inclusive, self-contained, no need for MCR installation or matlab license;
  • Cross platform, unified look-N-feel and operation experience, self-patching.

System Requirements:

  • Windows, Linux or OSX