Modeling Service

SPISim provides modeling services:

  • IBIS and IBIS-AMI modeling and training:
    • IBIS model generation up to V5.1 for power-awareness current data;
    • IBIS-AMI modeling in C/C++ or integrate with other languages;
      • See our AMI IP portfolios [HERE] and our existing clients [HERE]
    • AMI model can be created from either data-sheet, simulation results or lab measurements.
    • Customized models can be delivered within two to three weeks after qualified collateral is received, if not faster.
    • We have latest tools such as ADS and HSpice to provide validated results. The model will run on other IBIS-AMI spec-compliant simulators such as Neximm and SystemSI etc. as well.
    • We also provide remote or on-site full-day/two-day IBIS and/or IBIS-AMI modeling training.
    • Detailed AMI modeling requirements and process are available [HERE]
  • Spice modeling:
    • Device modeling in C/C++ for your device or physical model;
    • Create X-Spice compliant code model library;
      • Any X-Spice compliant simulator will be able to run this model.
    • Integrate w/ or customize simulator for this model;
      • Cross-platform simulator can be part of the deliverable.
    • AMS / python based device modeling may also be supported.