Free trial

The rights to SPISim’s software products and related IP have been acquired by ANSYS, the global leader in engineering simulation.

SPISim will no longer respond to product, service or free trial inquiries. Please contact ANSYS ( for further info.

SPISim’s products are free to try, easy to own! There are two ways to obtain free trial:

  • Apply from the web browser now: 
    • First time user? Read how to launch SPISim web apps [HERE].
    • User’s computer needs to have Java installed already in order to open the .jnlp file.
    • Note that this application applet is only for obtaining MAC info. for licensing activation of the actual application to be downloaded.
  • Contact SPISim_Support to download and Install SPISim application.
    • Launch SPISim application and submit within the app;
    • Select “Help”->”Request free trial” menu;
    • Fill request using company e-mail then submit;
      • If user is behind  a firewall such that in-app submission is not successful, click the “HW/SW Info” and “ComputerID” text fields, press Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C to copy texture contents and e-mail them to

For paid customers, please Sign-up for other tool tutorials and resources..


Free trial will be granted at our discretion. Cost of SPISim’s modules starts from thousands (USD). SPISim may be unable to provide free trial to hobbyist, student, user in unrelated business/fields, other EDA companies’ employees and their affiliates.

Free trial is offered once per user per PC. (per ComputerID), Our product is designed and licensed for single user on single machine and OS.