SPro: S-param analysis

SPro: SPISim’s S-Parameter tool…S” for “S-Param”

Application Scopes:

  • For S-parameter waveform/data viewing and measurement in different format or plots;
  • For batch S-Parameter processing/reporting for insertion/return losses, crosstalks and TD eyes, Channel operating margin (COM) etc;
  • For S-Parameter analysis such as checking, cascading, lumping, extraction, renormalization etc.
  • Batch S-param file processing, analysis and reporting with RSA encrypted scripts.

Key Features:

  • Channel operating margin (COM) support for 802.3bj up to 100GHz
    • NyQuist fit, ILD, ICR, ICN, Bath-tub plots etc plot generation;
    • Native implementation, Cross-platform. Matlab is not needed;
    • Figure of merit reporting for channel performance.
    • Optimize FFE tap weights, CTLE Gdc and DFE tap weights.
    • Can work with MPro/BPro’s AMI modeling as a complete flow.
  • Dedicated/enhanced waveform viewer targeted for S-parameters files:
    • Convert and view S/Y/Z/Differential/TDR/Equivalent R/L/X/Q waveform instantly;
    • Y-axis format in complex/mag/dB etc, X-axis in linear or logarithmic scale;
    • All VPro’s measurement/marking/processing/waveform calculation can be applied;
    • Waveform plot or Smith chart, View data in matrix format or contour plots.
  • Support S-parameter model formats:
    • .citi, .ts/snp s-parameter model.
  • Batch processing one or more data files to report losses, crosstalks or TD
    eye parameters for specified frequencies. Results are indexed html,  csv format and various plots.

    • IL, RL, NEXT, FEXT, TDR, TDT, Intra-Pair/Inter-Pair Skew and more!
    • User defined equations for limit-line plotting
  • ~30 S-parameter analysis functions to check passivity, DC conductivities, cascade, combine, extract, lumping, re-normalization etc.

Module overview: Further details on SPro’s capabilities are available [HERE]

Overview slides: View externally [HERE]

Features details: View externally [HERE]

Video demo: View externally [HERE]

System Requirements:

  • SPro is an add-on module for VPro. VPro installation/activation is required.
  • Windows, Linux or OSX

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