Complete Suite: SPISimPro

: Our flag ship product providing full range of SI/PI analysis capabilities. Modules may be activated independently to meet your analysis needs.

Application Scopes:

  • For IBIS V3.2 ~ V5.1, IBIS-AMI modeling, analysis and reporting;
  • For DOE/RSM/ANN etc analysis flow, modeling and optimization;
  • For comprehensive S-parameter and Transmission line model data viewing and analysis, COM (channel operating margin) and USB-C Spec. compliance check;
  • For model’s what-if analysis and package de-pop analysis;
  • For general purpose TD/FD simulation waveform viewing, measurement and analysis;
  • To simulate in TD, FD or S-parameter extraction;
  • For DDR simulation waveform processing to extract JEDEC Spec. parameters;
  • For extracting nets from post-layout to view/simulate interactively or doing what-if;
  • For free-form schematic channel building to simulate or doing what-if analysis;
  • Can enhance with additional capabilities through additional add-ons.

Design concepts: Further details on SPISimPro’s design concept are available [HERE].
Key Features:

  •  The following modules’ capabilities can be activated, click to see more details:
    1. AMI: “Best in class”  AMI model generation for link analysis
    2. BPro: “Best in class” IBIS modeling and analysis
    3. SPro: “Best in class” S-Parameter analysis
    4. TPro: “Best in class” Transmission line analysis
    5. NPro: Post-layout net extraction
    6. CPro: Schematic channel builder and what-if analysis
    7. VPro: FD/TD waveform viewer w/ signal generator
    8. XPro: Package and model what-if analysis
    9. DPro: DDR simulation processing
    10. MPro: RSM/ANN/Genetic Algorithm modeling and optimization
    11. SSolver: TD/FD simulator and S-Parameter extraction
  • All inclusive, self-contained, no need for MCR installation or matlab license;
  • Cross platform, unified look-N-feel and operation experience, self-patching.
  • Modular designs supporting further customization for your workflow or teams.

Overview slides: View externally [HERE]

SPISimPro complete suite slides: [Download].
Silent Video Overview: View externally [HERE]

System Requirements:

  • Windows, Linux or OSX
Product Info