NPro: Net analysis



NPro: SPISim’s post-layout net reviewing and analysis… “N” for “Nets”

Application Scopes:

  • Import post-layout database for design review, simple mock-up or customized AI based design synthesis
  • Specified net(s) to extract as spice or schematic with CPro add-on
  • Stackup design and pad-stack management included to back annotate CAD focused design database.

Key Features:

  • Multi-layout format support: MCM/BRD, SPD, OBD++, output SPD, OBD++
    • Simple design entry and data navigation;
    • Review design off-line without incurring license of other commercial tools;
    • Analyze or synthesize your design with customized add-ons.
  • Extract nets to view/edit in channel builder and simulate one or what-if for SI analysis
    • Report nets lengths and specify tx/rx models up front;
    • Extract one or more nets as TD or FD spice netlist
      • Simulate with HSpice* or your simulator
    • Extract schematic to edit and do what-if in CPro’s channel builder
  • Design management:
    • Layer-stackup design with what-if capability (impedance and crosstalk)
    • Pad-stack management with visualization capability
    • Easy import/export to back annotate manufacturing focused CAD files.

Module overview: Further details on NPro’s capabilities are available [HERE].

Overview slides: View externally:[HERE]

Video demo: View externally:[HERE]

System Requirements:

  • Windows, Linux or OSX