Modeling & Analysis

SPISim’s modeling and analysis technologies:

Circuit simulator and field solver are at the heart of system electrical analysis. While simulator solves KCL/KVL equations using matrix with numerical values filled based on models, 2D/3D field solver meshes layouts or structures to solve Maxwell equations repetitively using boundary conditions. Thus component modeling and layout are the starting point of analysis and affect accuracy greatly. Garbage in… garbage out!

SPISim has modules and expertiese dedicated to the modeling and layout analysis in the following areas:

  • Driver modeling: IBIS (signal only or power aware), Verilog-A or mixed-signal, IBIS-AMI model generation;
  • Stackup modeling: transmission line model generation and stackup analysis;
  • Channel modeling: S-parameter analysis for package, via or generalized channel representation;
  • Simulation: Spice simulator focusing on system device, 2D field solver and S-parameter extraction;
  • Layout synthesis: Import layout for analysis or synthesize and generate optimized layout algorithmically;

In conjunction with industrial standard/strength engines (SSolver), our tools ensure these models and layouts are not only built accurately to the spec, but also used correctly and efficiently in producing analysis results.


Modeling & Analysis Demo [Silent]
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