Sample industry standard IBIS-AMI models

SPISim’s modeling suit provides several pre-built industry standard AMI models:

Use may select one ore more such models. Their .ami, .ibs, .dll/.so and config. file used by “Spec. model generation” will be generated instantly. These models can be used directly or serve as a reference when creating customized AMI models.

The following models are included:

  • TX pass through
  • RX pass through
  • USB3.0 TX model
  • USB3.0 RX model
  • USB3.1 TX model
  • USB3.1 RX model
  • PCIe Gen2 TX model
  • PCIe Gen 4 TX model
  • PCIe Gen 4 RX model
  • DDR5 TX model

Among which , PCIe Gen 4 TX and USB3.1 RX models demonstrate preset or data-sheet based approaches using look-up table mechanism. Other models make use of SPISim AMI model’s generic parameter to achieve different equalization purpose.