SPISimAMI.exe: AMI model tester and driver

SPISimAMI.exe: An IBIS-AMI model driver, tester and publishing tool.

Application Scopes:

  • Decouple AMI models from specific vendor tool for testing, development and publishing needs.
  • For AMI model user: use this tool to test drive models at hand without 3rd party tool.
  • For AMI model developer: use this tool to load the model under development in the debugger/IDE without occupying 3rd party link tool’s license.
  • For AMI model publisher: use this tool to exchange model’s input/output response with clients for debugging and maintenance purpose without being tied to a particular EDA vendor’s solution.

Key Features:

  • Pre-compiled binaries supporting Win 32, Win 64,  Linux 32 and Linux 64 platforms.
  • Free to download, free to use and will not expire.
  • Has built-in rise, fall and pulse response to drive and test compiled AMI model.
  • User can provide custom input in csv, tr0 or raw format to drive the AMI model.
  • Model’s response will be captured and saved as .csv and .raw format.
    • .raw is Berkeley spice waveform format supported by SPISimLite, SPISimPro etc
  • Model’s API capability will be tested and reported as plain text messages.
  • Support latest IBIS-AMI spec., including AMI_Resolve and AMI_Resolve_Close.

Watch the demo video below then download to give it a try.

Overview slides: View externally [HERE]

Video demo [w/ audio, runs ~ 11 min]: View externally [HERE]


Visit download page to download [HERE]

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System requirements:

Windows 32, Windows 64, Linux 32 and Linux 64