About SPISim blog:

SPISim TM focuses on signal, power integrity and simulation. Our products are realization of the methodologies, flows and algorithms as EDA software in these domains. To further share our design concepts, common practices and knowledge in SI, PI and simulation areas, we think blog articles are necessary and will be beneficial.

Our blogs intends to achieve the following goals:

  • To serve as our central repository for fundamentals and advanced knowledge in SI, PI and simulation areas;
  • To serve as a channel to advocate our software design concept, common practices and analysis ideas;
  • To collect comments and feedbacks from readers for our products’ new features considerations.

We plan to publish blog articles several times a week to cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals: e.g. SI, PI basic concepts;
  • Modeling: e.g. transmission line, s-parameter or driver modeling;
  • Analysis: e.g. jitter, noise or timing analysis;
  • Methodologies: e.g. responsive surface modeling, peak distortion analysis;
  • Simulation: e.g. how these devices/algorithms are put together for circuit simulation;
  • Software: e.g. realization of the topics above into our SPISim products.

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