Package Design

SPISim provides package design services:

Package design servcices:
  • Wirebond
  • Flipchip
  • System-in-package
Our package design flow ensures:
  • SI/PI co-design driven BGA ball assignment &
  •  Ensure good signal routing with optimum insertion loss & return loss.
  • signal routing  based on system constraints (e.g. DDR pin sequence based on DRAM pin
  • Ensure good return paths for all IO
  • Optimal signal, power, ground ratio
  • minimize power/ground loop inductance
  • Power/ground plane planning, routing & optimize stackup
  • sensitive signal groups isolation & shielding clock signals
  • BGA-pitch & BGA-ball planning to ensure minimum PCB routing complexity
  • Optimum package layout & design using minimum possible layer counts
  • Ensure design for minimum possible packaging cost.
  • SI/PI co-design SSN analysis
  • Coordinate with substrate vendor for design rules and substrate manufacturing
  • Supports chip-package assembly vendors

Supported Substrate options:

  • Standard organic package
  • Low-loss organic package for ultra-high speed design (> 28gbps)
  • low loss LTCC substrate based design for mmwave frequencies