SPISimPro Value Proposition

Our technologies is flow complete:



Our products are competitive yet compliment:


Value propositions:

  • Compare to big company’s offerings:
    • Granted, their tools have longer histories.
    • Consider these:
      • Do you need their tools for each of the engineers in the team?
      • Do you need each of the modules come with their products?
    • Chances are:
      • Engineers use only 20% of the functions for those pricey tools;
      • Their entry solution seems is to up sell for more expensive suites;
      • You will have to adopt the whole flow. Less interchangeability.
  • SPISim’s tool:
    • We focus more in modeling portion and pre-layout analysis;
    • We do most of the tasks except for layout and 3D solver;
    • We can replace some of their functions, if not all of them;
    • Other smaller company’s offering usually is equivalent to one of our module.