Free Suite: SPILite (SI, Snp IBIS and AMI tool)

SPILite: A cross platform, free Channel builder, tr0/ac0/raw, Snp and IBIS and AMI tool brought to you by SPISIm.

SPILite is complementary with any paid/activated SPISim module.

Dec/01/18 Change: Oracle has made licensing change for Java starting Jan/01/2019. This change dis-allows commercial use of Java 8 and change license terms to GPL for Java 11. As such, SPISim can no longer offer free download of SPILite. See Oracle’s announcement links below:

Existing SPILite installation for non-paid customer may be disabled on Dec/31/2018.


  • Apr/2018: Added StatEye link analysis flow. In-place simulation result display for IBIS-AMI check and StatEye.
  • Apr/2017: Added IBIS-AMI modeling flow. Generate and use AMI model for free!
    • See [SPISimAMI] page for AMI related capabilities, demo and downloads.
  • Jan/2017: Added IBIS-AMI test driver for AMI model validation and testing.
  • Aug/2016: Added polar plot for S-Parameter viewer for visual causality check.
  • Apr/2016: Netlist editor w/ SSolver simulator up to six system devices. Good for quick  IBIS/TLine/SParam single device validation. Visit [SSolver] product pages to download example decks and see related info.
  • Jan/2016: Built-in NGSpice simulator, its RAW file support and IBIS checker. Added Ibis2Spice conversion to work with Spice3f5 based simulator.
  • Oct/2015: Bug fixes and added channel builder with spice netlisting
  • Jul/2015:  Initialize release

Example data:

  • Example waveform (tr0, snp and ibis) [HERE] for viewing in SPILite.
  • Example AMI models [HERE] for testing SPILite’s cross-platform AMI features.

 Usage manual: view below or download directly [HERE]

Usage demo [w/ Audio]: view below or at [YouTube Here]

Usage Teaser [no Audio]: view below or at [YouTube Here]

Support & requests: Comments or feedback are welcome. Please use in-app bug report or send email to Best effort for bug fixes as resource permits. Tool will be updated automatically when patch is available.

Privacy & security: We do NOT collect any user’s or company’s data. Tool will connect back to our server to receive patches when available. Blocking its network access will not affect its normal usage (just can’t be patched automatically)

We also provide customization service to meet your team’s needs. Please contact for details.